Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card Redemption Rules & Regulations

What's Pop'n Pop Shop (Airdrie)

What size of pop can I get for my free pop redemption?

You may choose between 16oz or 24oz. For a larger size, you will just have to pay the difference between the desired size and a 24oz pop.

How do I receive a punch on my loyalty card?

You must make a purchase that has pop in it. Each pop earns 1 punch.

When can I redeem my free pop?

You can redeem your free pop on your NEXT purchase.

Do I have to make a purchase when I redeem my free pop?

No purchase required. You may just redeem your free pop.

Can I receive a punch for food combos?

Unfortunately no, there is already a discount on the drink and food with the combos.

Can I receive a punch on my Movie Night Deal?

We give 1 punch for 1 purchase of the Movie Night Deal. This is because there are 2 drinks, but both drinks and the popcorn are already discounted.

Can I receive a punch for a Monster Mixer?

No. We only give a punch for pop. BUT we do give a punch for MOJO Monster Mixers, because there is pop added into it.